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EXCELMOS® is an all-natural source of mannanoligosaccharides and beta glucans derived from the cell wall of a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae at a specific temperature and pH.

EXCELMOS® has three modes of action:

  1. Blocks colonization of pathogenic bacteria

    EXCELMOS® blocks pathogenic bacteria lectins from attaching to the cell surface of carbohydrates in the GI tract. Lectins that are blocked are then washed from the GI tract, resulting in an environment free of harmful bacteria.

  2. Stimulates immune system

    The immune system of an animal gets weaker as it is exposed to several stress factors each day, making it susceptible to infection and disease. Beta glucans are known to be nonspecific immune system stimulants in animals. Animals fed EXCELMOS® have higher serum immunoglobulin and are thus less susceptible to infection and disease.

  3. Increases the function of intestines

    EXCELMOS® increases the height and uniformity of villis in the intestines, which makes intestines work more functionally.



EXCELMOS® can be used in premixes or complete feeds of all animal groups. EXCELMOS® can also be used in milk replacers.