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ToliGUARD™ combines a broad spectrum mycotoxin adsorbent with the power of sorbitol. Specially formulated with bentonite/ montmorillonite, dried cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (glucan and mannan), and sorbitol, ToliGUARD™ provides you double the protection for your animals.

ToliGUARD™ provides protection from a broad spectrum of mycotoxins, which are poisons produced from the secondary metabolic processes that occur naturally in a variety of molds. ToliGUARD™ can protect your animals from many of the effects mycotoxins have on animals, including lower feed consumption and feed conversion, reduced disease resistance, increased reproductive problems, and reduced production and performance.

ToliGUARD™ also cleanses the liver from any harmful toxin accumulations, which plays a vital role in animal management. Sorbitol, a natural food additive, is well known to be one of the safest ways to cleanse the liver.



ToliGUARD™ should be used in premixes or complete feeds for poultry, livestock or aquaculture.